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Alimentary Education is an online functional medicine clinic with a focus on finding treatments for the underlying causes of diseases. A comprehensive system for understanding a patient's entire life and medical history is used in conjunction with current labwork and presenting symptoms to find the best path forward for treatment and healing.

Modalities for healing include but are not limited to personalized nutritional plans, purposeful supplement therapy, and exercise and movement plans. This approach is always patient-centered, meaning that a patient remains their best advocate throughout the entire treatment plan. The role of the practitioner is to analyze patient labs and history, offering suggestions and information for possible healing paths. The patient always has a choice in the extent to which interventions take place.

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Torill has helped me focus on the health issues that are most important to me, and we have worked on building a good foundation of health. My energy levels have improved and my digestion is doing pretty well. Best of all, I am feeling optimistic about continuing to try little tweaks to see what works best for me, and I know that if I need more guidance down the road, she will be an excellent resource.



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